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Sky Fisher by SophieHoulden Sky Fisher :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 20 3 Rose and Time (Game) by SophieHoulden Rose and Time (Game) :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 14 3
Rubble (short story)
The theme of this story: surreal conflict. The main character: lonely official. The start of the story: natural disaster. The end of the story: lecture."
Rubble. A short story by Sophie Houlden.
Edgar ached as he heaved the rubble from his path. His face was dripping with sweat, which also completely saturated his dirtied thousand-dollar suit. He was tired but hadn't seen daylight in two days and he wanted out. So he pushed on, only stopping occasionally to catch his breath. He was painfully aware that his youth had long since left him, and he didn't blame it for doing so. The past was a much better place, he didn't begrudge his youth for staying there.
With another heave the large rock Edgar was working at came loose and fell to the floor. He clumsily tried to avoid it and almost tripped, avoiding getting his feet crushed but almost breaking his hea
:iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 1 1
Day of the BEARANTULA! by SophieHoulden Day of the BEARANTULA! :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 7 2 Ninja City by SophieHoulden Ninja City :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 8 3 Magic Practice in the Mushroom Cave by SophieHoulden Magic Practice in the Mushroom Cave :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 7 3 The Waspman by SophieHoulden The Waspman :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 8 3 Belle by SophieHoulden Belle :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 14 3 Space Fisher by SophieHoulden Space Fisher :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 17 6 Swamp Robot by SophieHoulden Swamp Robot :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 15 9 Steampunk Skysurfer by SophieHoulden Steampunk Skysurfer :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 6 6 Witch - battleready by SophieHoulden Witch - battleready :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 16 12 Witch Character by SophieHoulden Witch Character :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 13 10 UnderPogo Character models by SophieHoulden UnderPogo Character models :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 9 13 Skip Model by SophieHoulden Skip Model :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 0 0 Indie Kombat by SophieHoulden Indie Kombat :iconsophiehoulden:SophieHoulden 3 8

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deviantPreloader by ArtBIT deviantPreloader :iconartbit:ArtBIT 376 300 RUNSIES by sereneworx RUNSIES :iconsereneworx:sereneworx 7,712 1,574
Restructuring, coming to a Flash Gallery near you
Good news Flashers! I've been given the word that the Flash Gallery is going under some development in the way of the new structuring that I and a few other people have contributed to.
Obviously this could go on for a quite some time as there are a lot of deviations to shift and a fair few categories to create. Sadly these things take time. Once it's all finished though I'll be posting an article and a journal informing people with information on the new structure - kind of like an introduction if you will.
I'll also be asking people to go through their galleries and move any deviations that aren't in the proper categories with a full run down of what goes where.
If I get anymore updates I'll inform you about them in the Artist Relations Newsletter and if you've got any questions about the restructuring feel free to ask the helpdesk.
I ask that you all be patient with the Flash G
:iconage2003:Age2003 26 26
+Fav This Tutorial by zacthetoad +Fav This Tutorial :iconzacthetoad:zacthetoad 91 98 Broom Broom Car by Supa-Monky Broom Broom Car :iconsupa-monky:Supa-Monky 18 69 DA flash preloaded competition by NGxxxTolo DA flash preloaded competition :iconngxxxtolo:NGxxxTolo 17 31 Ninja like game WIP by Supa-Monky Ninja like game WIP :iconsupa-monky:Supa-Monky 102 95
Emoticon Headquarters Launches!
Looking for a place to keep tabs of everything emoticons? Well look no further than EmoticonHQ! Now the official home of the Emoticon Legend Revamp project, EmoticonHQ is a great resource for pixel and digital artists looking to get down and dirty with miniature canvases.
Want to make some of the current emoticons on the site better? Well check out the project home, where you can learn more about the project and what we look for to make emotes part of the official legend. In addition, you will be able to submit your revamps to a series of journals where they will be considered. If the project leaders feel that it could be a possible revamp, your emote will be added to the list of "possibilities," which is one step closer to getting an official emote!
Be part of the emoticon artist community
:iconemoticonhq:EmoticonHQ 54 22
Official Flash Preloader Competition
An official Flash competition based on scripting has been long overdue on deviantART but fear not Flashers because we’ve got one! Although this doesn’t involve the most complex of actionscript coding known to man it is a vitally important one.
Your task this time around is to design and create the Official Flash Preloader for that will be hosted on the website and could potentially be used by many thousands of Flash creators on and off deviantART.
Obviously for the preloader to be displayed for a decent amount of time there has to be something to load however this won't be possible with the small file size of the .swf file. Instead, after creating a working preloader create an animation/simulation of your preloader working such as a simple tween to emulate how your preloader would look if it were loading for say 5 seconds (24fps).
Click here to see and here to
:iconage2003:Age2003 71 62
Actor's training by Singil Actor's training :iconsingil:Singil 5 21 :piano: edit by Solitude12 :piano: edit :iconsolitude12:Solitude12 32 28 Flashback of.. by Age2003 Flashback of.. :iconage2003:Age2003 24 42 Tunnel - The Game by Singil Tunnel - The Game :iconsingil:Singil 4 29
Please check out some of the awesome art I've found here
so Unity, the game engine I do most of my work in now, has an open beta with the option for flash export. that's pretty cool, and means I can upload most of my free games here in some way again, and I can also make a flash model viewer for uploading 3D models right to dA, complete with animations, textures etc.

here an early flash test thingy, if it runs slow or not at all update flash, and your graphics driver.

currently, deviantArt goes full retard when I try and upload this flash stuff to dA, maybe it doesn't like flash11 content right now and needs fixing. don't know where to report it though, who's the flash gallery moderator these days?

oh, in other news, my first finished commercial game has been released! you can totally try the demo and get it on my site :)

anyhoo, it's been a while. how have you guys been? I've mostly been making games :B


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A few days from today, the history books show an entry.  An entry of mystery, and portent, as the great powers came down upon the Earth, and, in accordance with the wishes of the mighty King Kong, granted the world a boon.  That boon was you.  And lo, let it be said to all that you are to be wished a Happy Birthday upon that day, with the most excellent and amazing of cakes to partake in! :D (Big Grin) Have your cake and eat it too
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History records that, just days from now, a tremendous upheaval took place as the ground cracked and broke apart, tornadoes spun counter to their nature, and even Godzilla bowed as you appeared upon the Earth to grace us with your art. And so it is wished upon you to have a Happy Birthday on that day....and a most excellent cake. :D (Big Grin)  Have your cake and eat it too
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